Professional Podcast & Content Editing for Marketing Agencies

Have your agency content edited for one monthly fee, increase your quality & get your time back!

Professional Podcast & Content Editing for Marketing Agencies

Have your agency content edited for one monthly fee, increase your quality & get your time back!

EditMyPodcast is a Seven Figure Agency Approved Vendor

We are extremely proud to be one of the first businesses to display this vendor logo to the Seven Figure Agency Community. 

To maintain and uphold the quality of this seal, we must maintain a level of excellence, commitment to community and success. 

Professional Podcast Production

We professionally curate and launch your podcast with a custom tailored content strategy.

Content Repurposing

We will take your video & podcast content and create new and engaging content that will attract your target audience & customer.

Video Content Editing

We can edit all of your content in addition to your podcast to completely free you from having to worry about getting content done.

Who We Are

Professional Results For Niche Agencies

Why Choice Us

How We Save You Time & Money

Plan Your Podcast

Use Our Proven Podcast Deployment Framework To Build Your Authority

Podcast Experts

We understand the podcast eco-systems so you don't have to

For Marketers

We understand what the goal is which means better outcomes for your content

7FA Compliant

We understand the Seven Figure Agency Content Framework

Time = Value

We understand that your time has value so we don't waste it

Managed For You

Our Infrastructure hosts & manages your podcast

We Know Audio

Audio can make or break your podcast - we're experts

We Know Video

Video Podcasts Are Just As Important - we do it all


Proudly Supporting Our Partners

In House Production Team

Our experienced in house production team will edit your content.

Support When You Need It

Sometimes podcasting can be frustrating, we provide support to anyone that works with us.

24-48 Hour Turn Around

Majority of the content we focus on offers a 24 hour turn around window.

Launch Planning

We will help you launch your podcast & content strategy so you hit the ground running.

We are comitted

Our primary goal is to ensure your podcast & content is SUCCESFUL!

When you choose EditMyPodcast – this is what you can expect: 

Lets make it easy

I dont have a podcast or content plan

I don't have a podcast or content plan to create my journey moving ahead - I need help.

I have a podcast, but its nothing but an interview platform

I have a podcast but I only use it to interview people and I don't really use it for anything else.

I am producing content or a podcast but its mediocre

I have a podcast or I am generating content and using AI repurposing tools but that's it. My content doesn't have any flavor.

I need to start but don't have time

I am currently doing more than $80,000 a month MRR but I don't have time to create content or put energy into creating a podcast. I need someone to just "handle it" so I show up and record.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Concierge Podcasting
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Overlay Graphics
Sound Leveling
Trimming of Large Timecode
Professional Audio Editing
Full DAW Audio Mastering
Removal of Uhms, Ahs, Retakes & Filler Verbiage
Removal of Uhms, Ahs, Retakes & Filler Verbiage
Content Repurposing
Equipment Purchasing Assistance
Single Person View Editing
"Zoom Style" Editing
Single Person Switching Editing
Basic Show Notes
Advanced Show Notes
Complete Transcription
Podcast Episode Intro
Podcast Show Intro
Podcast Show Website
Dedicated Long Form Content Editing
Dedicated Short Form Editing
Podcast Artwork
Audio Grams
Complete Content Messaging Framework
Remote 4K Recording Environment

Bespoke Podcasts Launching Soon

Lets Get In Touch

Stay Tuned & Lets Get In Touch